I s t r i a W e l c o m e s P i l g r i m s

From sea to sea - connecting gems of Central Istria

Camino Istria invites us walk into a slower world in closer contact with nature, drawing inspiration from ancient Istrian landscapes and small medieval towns. So far an 8-day walking route of beauty but also challenge has been developed in Central Istria. From coast to coast, it follows ancient ways, across valleys and hill tops.

The pilgrimage takes us on the first day from Koper to the eco-community of Sunny Hill, the next day into Croatia across the Mirna valley towards beautiful Motovun, in the heart of Istria towards Beram and Pazin, through forests and hill ridges we will head to charming Draguc, slowing down towards peaceful Kotli and lovely Hum, to eventually rise up to the Poklon pass on Ucka, leading us to the last walking day reaching the top of the mountain to sink in a sea of greenery towards a significant valley of the slavic mythology, to eventually arrive in Moscenice, overlooking the Kvarner sea and island.